About Us

The Loudoun Winegrowers Association brings wine grape growers and winery owners together to advance their mutual interests. They share knowledge about Loudoun’s soils and climate, learn new grape-growing and wine-making techniques from Virginia Tech and County Extension experts, and gain greater appreciation of the joys and challenges of making great wine. For more information  email us at info@loudounwinegrowers.org.


  • Exchange information about grape growing and winemaking.
  • Promote the Loudoun wine industry.
  • Share supplies, equipment, and labor.
  • Represent the local wine industry before government agencies and the public.

About Loudoun

The wine industry is expanding rapidly. High demand for quality grapes from area wineries has led to increased revenues for independent growers. A well-managed vineyard on a suitable site can generate significant income per acre.

The Loudoun County government strongly supports agricultural industries. Prospective and new growers enjoy assistance from the offices of Cooperative Extension, Economic Development, Building and Development, and Mapping.

Loudoun growers benefit from the extensive network of local commercial vineyard and winery experts.

Current Virginia Grape Crop Report

Commercial grape acreage and production data are collected annually. In Virginia, this is done through the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The current Commercial Grape Report is now available on-line.

Get the report here.