Regular (voting) members are businesses or persons growing grapes or intending to grow grapes.  Each regular member is entitled to one vote on all Association matters.  
Anyone who is not a member but who is interested in attending a meeting may do so for a drop in fee of $10.  
This is the perfect opportunity for perspective growers or new members of the Virginia wine community to meet our local growers.
In addition, commercial sponsors are businesses that support the vineyard and winery industry by financing our meetings. 

Regular members (up to two people per vineyard) = $50 per calendar year
Drop-in fee = $10 per meeting
Sponsorship fee = $250 per meeting

If you are interested in becoming a member or a sponsor, please contact Bill Hatch, current LWGA president via email.

The vice-president is Fernando via email.

The secretary via email.

The tresurer is MJ via email.

  • The wine industry in Loudoun is rapidly expanding.  
  • High demand for quality grapes has led to increased revenue for independent growers.  
  • A well-managed vineyard on a suitable site can generate significant income per acre.  





  • Exchange information about grape growing and winemaking
  • Promote the Loudoun wine industry
  • Share supplies, equipment, and labor
  • Represent the local wine industry before government agencies and the public.







About LWGA


Loudoun Wine Growers Association brings wine grape growers and winery owners together to advance their mutual interests.  They share knowledge about Loudoun County's soils and climate, learn new grape growing and winemaking techniques from Virginia Tech and County Extension experts, and gain greater appreciation of the joys and challenges of making great wine in Loudoun County.